Virtual Eucharist Adoration

Virtual Eucharist Adoration
We adore You O Christ and we bless You, because by Your holy cross You have redeeemed the world!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I was sure I was going to fail - the last question brought me up to a "C"

last on of these quizzes for awhile ...I promise....they are just so much fun!

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Friday, May 2, 2008

...If You Lived in Colonial Times by Ann McGovern

We read this today and thoroughly enjoyed learning about life in colonial times. I have posted what Josh, Joe and Ellie wrote about colonial times. I had asked them to write a page and so there are some "filler words" but it is interesting to see what impressed them. We used 2 different publishings and so the pictures in the books were different and it was wonderful to see different artists pictures.

This is what I learned:

  • That colonial times begins in 1565 with the first Spanish colony in St. Augustine Florida and ends in 1776 when the English colonies become the United States.
  • That babies wore puddings - pillows around their midsections to keep them from getting hurt.
  • The colonist' wore colorful clothing - yellow, red, purple, blue. I thought everything was brown and white or maybe gray.
  • Schoolmasters used more than dunce caps to make children (boys) behave, they would use both punishments that hurt your feelings and made you feel foolish along with the ones that just HURT>
  • Some of the "medicines" were quite weird and even harmful - bag of the sick person' s fingernails tied around the neck of an eel should bring down a fever when the eel dies. Or bloodletting - ouch and dangerous.
  • Some of the crazy laws included ones that said it was against the law for a baker to bake bad bread, or a brewer to brew bad beer. Or the one that said a poor man can't have clothes as fancy as a rich one.
  • Many of the laws were punishable by hanging. Some by whipping, ducking (this one was for wives who talked back to their husbands) being put in the stocks.

We learned many more things but these were my favorites.

We will continue to learn about this time in history and finally finish the year with the American Revolution.

The Stuff I learned about Colonial Times by Josh

I learned that if you were a boy you would be done with school at the age of twelve years old. I also learned that girls only learned how to read and write while they went to school. This is because most people in that time didn't think it was important for girls to go to school after that. Those people thought girls should know how to cook, clean, and sew more. But some people said that girls should learn to do all the things a twelve year old boy should know. I also learned that there were a bunch of laws. Like it is against the law to swim, and to fall asleep during church, if you do you might get a fine. Boys at school had to stay good or they would have one of these punishments like getting put into the coldest part of the room during the winter, or having to sit in the dunce chair with a dunce cap on. Or wear a thing around you neck that said something stupid like "BITE FINGER BABY".

Colonial Times by Ellie

Age 9

You could not talk at the table. You could not smile at church or talk or move. You would have to stand or sit on uncomfortable benches. Only Mom and Dad can sit in chairs. Only the men can vote for the laws. The people work all day long. The boys even have to hunt. They have only one room, the bigger kids sleep in the attic. The little kids sleep in the kitchen where they work and cook and eat. Boys went to school longer than girls. There were no bathrooms, no running water so they took buckets of water and stood in a big bucket and poured water on them. They drink beer and the little kids too. they had to make their own things. The boys and girls wore weird clothes. They ate a lot of corn and meat.

What I learned about Colonial Times by Joe

If you lived in colonial times kids could drink rum and beer. Kids didn't have much time to play. Kids couldn't move in church. Kids wore funny looking clothes. Boys and girls got out of school early. There were lots of punishments. Girls were only allowed to wear dresses. You weren't allowed to work on Sunday. You couldn't even smile or giggle in church or you could be fined. Kids had to stand while they were eating because they didn't have seats. Men were the only people to make the laws. Men and boys hunted while the women and girls cooked and cleaned. And men and boys fished as well. If you fell asleep in church you would be smacked in the head. In Boston the first person to be put in the stocks was the person who made them.

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