Virtual Eucharist Adoration

Virtual Eucharist Adoration
We adore You O Christ and we bless You, because by Your holy cross You have redeeemed the world!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

St. Rose of Lima

We began this book ages ago, on her feast day August 23rd. She was an amazing woman who suffered and sacrificed much to save souls from Purgatory. What struck us most was that when she was young she carried a large crucifix around her back yard on Fridays making the Stations of the Cross. Another thing we learned was that she was never taught to read - when she was small Jesus infused her with this knowledge. How cool is that. My struggling 3rd grader would love to receive that grace! After she became a Dominican Tertiary she built a hut in the back yard to live in. 4'x5'x6' Yes that is right. The door was on the ground and it had only one tiny window. She did this to discourage visitors. She often spoke with Jesus and Mary and her guardian angel. She was the intercessor for many miracles both in life and in death.

From her life we know the importance of prayer, sacrifice and suffering for souls.

St. Rose of Lima, pray for us.

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