Virtual Eucharist Adoration

Virtual Eucharist Adoration
We adore You O Christ and we bless You, because by Your holy cross You have redeeemed the world!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Pope and Harry Potter

I am so glad. I have taken my kids to see the previous Harry Potter movies - and we enjoyed them all. Years ago when all the hoopla over the HP books began I read the first 4 books so I could decide for myself. What I didn't like about the books was that Harry kept getting away with things. And not being punished. "If you ride on a broomstick you will be kicked out - Harry is fabulous on the stick and so instead of being punished they put him on the Quiditch team -" stuff like that happened all the time. And I didn't like story where they had to kill a baby plant - that looked and screamed like a baby - in order to save someone. Abortion undertones it seemed like.

I have not read this book - don't really have the time. I am greatful that I don't need to.

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