Virtual Eucharist Adoration

Virtual Eucharist Adoration
We adore You O Christ and we bless You, because by Your holy cross You have redeeemed the world!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Pure Fashion Photo

Looky there I made it bigger! (so what if I used a different pic! LOL)

(I can't seem to make the picture bigger ... any ideas?)

I know this is late, but on May 3rd my daughters Katie andTessa participated in the annual Pure Fashion Show. in Fort Wayne Indiana. This was Katie's 2nd and Tessa's first time. The absolutely fabulously studdly man is my husband. This was his 2nd time. My oldest daughter was a participant for 4 years. It has been a beautiful way to teach modesty not only to my daughters but others as well. If there is one near you, run don't walk to sign your high school aged daughter up!

Pure Fashion is an international faith based program designed for girls 14-18 to help young women re-discover and re-affirm their innate value and authentic femininity.
Pure Fashion is a character formation program that enhances not only a young woman's external appearance, but more importantly, her interior beauty and balanced self confidence.
Our goal is to emphasize a young woman's inherent dignity and therefore create in her a desire to dress and act in accordance with that dignity. We understand that many young women today are losing their sense of innocence at a very young age, and Pure Fashion aims to reverse this trend by offering a fun, exciting and effective virtue formation program that can impress the hearts and minds of young girls at a very critical stage in their lives.

Pure Fashion is an Apostolate of Regnum Christi.


Pure said...

Hi Christy!
Thanks for your support of Pure Fashion! I was notified of your blog through "google alerts" and wanted to say hello. Are your daughters in Pure Fashion this year?
I think that I'm coming to the Ft. Wayne show...would love to meet you and your beautiful family!

Your Sister in Christ,
Brenda Sharman
Pure Fashion National Director

christyisrc said...

Hello Brenda,

My daughter Tessa is a part of Pure Fashion this year - it is her 2nd time. We will certainly be at the show! I have attended every one we have had here in Fort Wayne -from the church basement (before we were truly Pure Fashion) to the Grand Wayne - I love this mission - with 5 daughters (and 1 granddaughter) it is very close to my heart. I hope to meet you at the show.
God Bless,

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